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"I live in Boston and my friend lives in SF. Friend Flights suggested a half-off Cuba trip for us."
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From Boston
$850 $470 roundtrip

From Singapore
$300 $200 roundtrip
From Washington DC
$850 $447 roundtrip

From Singapore
$850 $447 roundtrip
From Denver
$450 $280 roundtrip

From Los Angeles
$460 $160 roundtrip
From Atlanta
$850 $470 roundtrip

From Tel Aviv
$300 $200 roundtrip
From Seattle
$1000+ $500 roundtrip

From Providence
$1200 $500 roundtrip
Costa Rica
From Minneapolis
$500 $200 roundtrip

From Boston
$300 $180 roundtrip

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"is this for real?? $186???"
Otto B

On "$186 from SFO to Toronto"
Gabriel M

On "$466 off EWR & ORD to Cartagena"
"This is awesome!"
Ethan P

On "$800 off BOS & SJC to Chengdu"

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